What to do when you got Short Dump (ABAP Runtime Error)

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When something goes wrong in SAP and transaction cann’t be executed system register a dump. It also called an ABAP Runtime Error. Even if you just a beginner in ABAP you can follow this instruction and can understand what goes wrong and how to solve it:

  1. After Dump check ST22 transaction with your login where you can find details about dump.
  2. In ST22, you can go to the section Error Analysis to try to deal with the problem
  3. If possible, try to put a breakpoint before the code that causes a dump and check what’s going on with debug, if not strong in the ABAP, skip this step
  4. The most common problems that cause dumps – the transfer curve development and extension tables (no fields or whole tables, the lack of the necessary function modules, or methods in the classroom, etc.)