What is SAP xApps

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SAP xApps – a family of applications that can flexibly respond to changing business needs. They cover the key areas of business investment, and allow to maximize the return on strategic assets: employees, knowledge, products, business relationships and IT infrastructure. SAP and SAP certified partners provide these complex applications that drive key business processes, provide a comprehensive understanding of business and can focus on the needs of various industries.
The interactions of all the family Application xApps, web services and various systems, running through the SAP Composite Application Framework as part of the technological platform SAP NetWeaver. The framework includes a methodology, tools and runtime environment for application development.
Components of SAP xApps:

  • Duet
  • SAP Document Builder
  • SAP Global Trade Services
  • SAP xApp Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence
  • SAP xApp Resource and Portfolio Management
  • SAP xApp Product Definition
  • SAP xApp Cost and Quotation Management
  • SAP xApp Integrated Exploration and Production
  • SAP xApp Sales and Operations Planning