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The beginners and sometimes even very experienced SAP users don’t know that you can use command line not only for transaction codes but also fro specific commands which are called shortcodes, that allow you to perform specific control actions in the SAP GUI.

Shortcodes are entered in line to enter the transaction code.

/n – to complete the current transaction.
/nxxxx – ends the current transaction and  starts transaction xxxx in this window. Remember that you will lose all unsaved data at the close of the current transaction.
/i – close the current mode.
/nend – logoff.
/nex – log out without confirmation window.
/o – displays a list of open SAP GUI modes.
/oXXXX – open transaction xxxx in the new window.

First time hands will still try to perform the same actions with the mouse, but do not turn away from the way of the samurai).