SAP IDOC(ALE/EDI) list of transactions

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Here is a list of transactions to help you work with IDOCs in SAP systems(more information you can find here). They are grouped into several areas based on functionality:

BALE Area Menu for Administration
SWLD Workbench for Workflow 4.0
SALE Display ALE Customizing
NACE WFMC: Initial Customizing Screen
IDOC Determination
SE11 ABAP Dictionary Maintenance
WE30 IDoc Type Development
WE31 Development IDoc Segment
BD53 Reduction of Message Types
WE60 Documentation for IDoc types
WE61 Documentation for IDoc record types
WE02 Display IDoc
WE05 IDoc Lists
WE06 Active IDoc monitoring
WE07 IDoc statistics
ALE/EDI Configuration
BD54 Maintaining Logical Systems
BD64 Maintenance of Distribution Model
BD71 Define FM for dependent bus. object
BD82 Generate Partner Profiles
FILE Cross-Client File Names/Paths
PFTC General Task Maintenance
PPOC Create Organizational Plan
SM59 RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain)
SWE2 Display/Maint. Event Type Linkages
SWU3 Automatic Workflow Customizing
WE20 Partner Profiles
WE21 Port definition
SO01 SAPoffice: Inbox
SWEL Display Event Trace
SWI1 Selection report for workflows
SWI5 Workload Analysis
Message processing
NACE WFMC: Initial Customizing Screen
VOK2 Output Determination
VOK3 Message Determination: Purchasing
VOFM Configuration for Reqs, Formulae
V/86 Conditions: V_T681F for B V1
WE15 Test Outbound Processing from MC
WE19 Test tool
WE12 Test Modified Inbound File
WE16 Test Inbound File
WE17 Test Status File
IDOC Reload
BD87 Status Monitor for ALE Messages
SM12 Display and Delete Locks
SM13 Administrate Update Records
SM21 system log
SM58 Asynchronous RFC Error Log
SM66 Systemwide Work Process Overview
ST22 ABAP Dump Analysis
AL11 Display SAP Directories
ALO1 Determine ASH/DOREX Relationships
ANA_VAR Table Analysis: Analysis Variants
BA10 Subsystem Configuration
BA11 Config. Transceiver / Upload Files
BD10 Send Material
BD100 IDoc display object channel view
BD101 Consistency check
BD102 Outbound registry
BD103 Inbound registry
BD104 maintain tbd53
BD105 Maintain Supported Business Objects
BD11 Get Material
BD12 Send customer
BD13 Get customer
BD14 Send vendor
BD15 Open vendor
BD16 Send Cost Center
BD17 Get Cost Center
BD18 Send General Ledger Account
BD19 Get General Ledger Account
BD20 IDoc passed to application
BD21 Select change pointer
BD22 Delete change pointers
BD23 Delete serialization data
BD24 Send Cost Elements
BD25 Send Activity Type
BD26 Get Activity Type
BD27 Send cost center activity prices
BD28 Send obj/cost element control data
BD30 Distribute material object list
BD31 Distribute document object list
BD32 Distribute plant allocations(matBOM)
BD40 Read change pointer for group
BD41 Dispatch IDocs for group
BD42 Check IDocs for group
BD43 Post IDocs for group
BD44 Assign Message Types to Serlz. Group
BD47 Dependencies between methods
BD48 Dependency method – message
BD50 Activate Change Ptrs for Mess. Type
BD51 Maintain function modules (inbound)
BD52 Activ.change pointer per
BD53 Reduction of Message Types
BD55 Maintain IDoc Conversion
BD56 Maintain IDoc Segment Filters
BD57 Maintain link and serialization ty.
BD58 Convert organizational units
BD59 Allocation object type -> IDoc type
BD60 Additional data for message type
BD61 Activate Change Pointers – Generally
BD62 Define Segment Conversion Rule
BD63 Transport ALE Tables of Message Type
BD65 Maintain IDoc type required fields
BD66 IDoc type field -> change doc.field
BD67 Maintain methods (inbound)
BD68 Maintain Lists
BD69 Assignment of Message Type to IDoc
BD70 Synchronize Number Ranges
BD72 Activate Events
BD73 Reposting of IDocs (ALE)
BD75 Convert IDoc Status
BD77 Distribution of control data
BD78 Monitoring control data distribution
BD79 Maintain IDoc Conversion Rules
BD81 Filter objects parameter filtering
BD83 Send IDocs after an ALE error
BD84 Post IDocs after ALE error
BD85 Consistency check for transfer
BD86 Consistency check for sales
BD89 Control data model. – initial screen
BD91 Send Characteristic
BD92 Send Class
BD93 Send Classification
BD95 Specify ALE object types
BD96 filter objects of receiver determin.
BD97 Assign RFC dest. to Logical Systems
BD98 Consistency Check Workflow Connectn.
BD99 Message type dependencies
BDA4 Specify ALE object types
BDA5 Distribute documents
BDBG Create ALE Interface for BAPI
BDBP Hierarchy maintenance of BAPI param.
BDBS Generate coding for mapping
BDCP Number Range Maintenance: ALE_CP
BDLS Convert Logical System Names
BDM2 Monitoring: IDocs in Receiving Sys.
BDM5 Technical Consistency Check
BDM6 Monitor: Check input workflow
BDM7 ALE Audit: statistical analyses
BDM8 ALE Audit: Sending the confirmations
BDM9 Reorganizing the audit database
BDMC Upload info structures
BDR1 Display application log for recovery
BDR2 Reorganization of recovery data
BDRC ALE: Determine Recovery Objects
BDRL ALE: Process recovery objects
OYED Conversion EDIS -> EDIR
OYSM Number Range tRFC Port
OYSN Number Range IDoc
OYSO Number Range R/2 Mailbag
WE08 Status File Interface
WE09 Search for IDocs by Content
WE10 Search for IDocs by Content
WE14 Test Outbound Processing
WE30 IDoc Type Development
WE32 Development IDoc View
WE40 IDoc Administration
WE41 Process codes, outbound
WE42 Process codes, inbound
WE43 Funct.module: Status record display
WE44 Partner Types and Checks
WE45 Forward (inbound) (V3, EDILOGADR)
WE46 Error and Status Processing
WE47 Status Maintenance
WE50 System process codes: Texts
WE51 System process codes: Change texts
WE54 FMs for changing file names
WE55 Function Module for Path Names
WE56 IDoc Administration
WE57 Assignment Messages for Appl. Objs
WE58 Status process codes: Texts
WE59 Change status process codes
WE62 Documentation for segments
WE63 Documentation
WE70 Conversion: Basic types
WE71 Conversion: Extensions
WE72 Conversion: IDoc types
WE73 Conversion: Logical messages
WE81 Logical message types
WE82 Assign Messages for IDoc Type
WE84 Assignment of IDoc and appl. fields
WECP Status CPIC Interface
WEL0 Forward (inbound) (EDILOGADR)
WEL1 EDI: Interface Invoice for EDILOGADR
WENA Messages on Basis of Changes
OOAW Evaluation Paths
PFAC Maintain Rule
PO13 Maintain Position
SWO1 Business Object Builder