A short description how to work with production orders in SAP PP

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Production orders in the SAP are the main object for monitoring and implementation of production activities. The production order contains all data related to the sequence of production operations, material components, the necessary resources and costs. Normal production order covers the need for the production of a single product, but also have the opportunity at the same time in one production order release several products (co-products) and share the costs between these products.

In the production order as determined by the sequence of production operations. The sequence of operations can be created manually, or copied from a routing material.

Usually production orders from planned orders are created, but also have the ability to create orders directly (to create production orders, indicating the material used transaction CO01 / CO02 / CO03, the most user-friendly report on factory orders – COOIS transaction).

The whole process of creation and processing of the production order involves several steps:

  • Create and Release Production Order (CO01 / CO02 / CO03)
  • Goods Issue/Receipt of semi-finish and finish products (CO11N)
  • Enter and confirm the fact of the production of works (CO11N)