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Custom extensions material master record

  1. decide what angle will maintain additional data (business requirements)
  2. expanding (append-structure) table angle (you may need SE14). SPRO: LG -> Metarial Master -> Configuring the material master -> … pre-read the section in the SPRO “Here’s How (Quick Guide Usingan Example)”
  3. check whether there is a possibility of expanding the screen selected angle: Define structure of data screens for each screen sequency (OMT3B)
  4. Assign screen sequences to user / materialtype / transaction / industry sector (OMT3E): sequence number povybrannomu criterion (which then expanded into its nomerposledovatelnosti pkopirovaniem with the original)
  5. OMT3B: selected sequence -> Number logicheskogoekrana (by name) -> sub-screen: Is there a free (with the screen number 0001)
  6. create a group of functions to support additional fields on the screens of OZM: Create program for customized subscreen (OMT3C)
  7. created by copying the screen SE51 (with the program from p.4 and screen number (p.4 – you can choose any real, look at the existing by clicking the right button View …) in the program SAPLimya_gruppy_funktsy) if required:
  8. OMT3B (p.3): copy the selected sequence, replace (p.4) imyaprogrammy and number on their screen (select replaces the string with the 0001 screen click the button New entries) more:
  9. SE51: blank screen, remove all CHAIN-chain in the PAI and all references vPAV with the names of remote fields, insert the field expansion (p.2), for which we do vPAI CHAIN-chain (sic!), In PAV could be done civilized F4