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Here you can find list of SAP Notes to help you work with the delivery process in SAP:

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SAP Note 667161 – DYNPRO_MSG_IN_HELP or VL 331 when you delete deliveries

When you delete delivery items that belong to a delivery group, the new deletion logic (Note 521409) may cause the system to issue error message VL 331: “Item & does not exist”.

If you confirm this message, the system deletes all dependent items. However, the item that you wanted to delete originally is not deleted.

In addition, when you delete delivery groups with quantity correlation, the ‘DYNPRO_MSG_IN_HELP’ runtime error may occur.

Implement the source code corrections specified under corrections.

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SAP Note 700512 – Information: Allocation of shipment costs to delivery items

When you allocate shipment costs to the deliveries (during the account assignment) or to the delivery items, you do not receive the expected results.

The EXIT_SAPLV54K_001 user exit (function group XV54) of SAP enhancement ‘V54KSFRC’ (Transactions SMOD/CMOD) is only run if one of the prerequisites is met.

When calculated shipment costs are assigned to delivery items, a conflict occurs between the causality principle and the flat rate which cannot be solved. Depending on the calculation base of the condition type, the system executes the following cost distribution

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SAP Note 166397 – Delivery split according to customer field ZUKRL

In the table with delivery header data LIKP, there is the field ZUKRL. which can be filled with any values by using copying control. The contents of this field act as a splitting criterion during delivery creation.

As of Release 4.0, order items are then also combined in a delivery if the ZUKRL field of one item is filled and the ZUKRL field of another is empty . In releases earlier than Release 4.0, this situation still caused the delivery to be split.

The changed logic is advantageous in the majority of the cases since unnecessary delivery splits can be avoided. It is therefore not possible to make a general decision as to whether with regard to the field ZUKRL the logic in Release 3.0/3.1 should be valid or whether the new logic should be used for this field.

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SAP Note 198532 – Dump CONVT_NO_NUMBER in delivery processing

After the release upgrade from Release 4.0 to 4.5, 4.6 or a higher release, dump CONVT_NO_NUMBER occurs in delivery processing. The termination point is in program SAPFV50U in FORM routine XVBUV_FILL (Include FV50UF0X).

The check fields that no longer exist must be removed from the incompletion procedures of incompletion control.

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SAP Note 199703 – Goods receipt for inbound delivery using MB0A, MIGO, VL32

As of Release 4.5A, it is possible to post the goods receipt for a shipping notification or for an inbound delivery not only using Transaction MB0A ‘Goods receipt – Purchase order unknown’, but also using Transaction VL32/VL32N ‘Change shipping notification’.

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SAP Note 323780 – ME21N: No delivery address for third-party item

You create a third-party item manually using Transaction ME21N. The system does not ask you to specify a delivery address. This is incorrect. You must specify a delivery address for third-party items.

After you have implemented the attached correction, the system generates error message 06441 for third-party items without delivery address.

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SAP Note 399912 – Split analysis activation during delivery creation

It is unclear why deliveries are split during their creation in the collective processing.

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SAP Note 547277 – FAQ: Requirements in SD and in the delivery

This note contains a list of frequently asked questions about the transfer of requirements in R/3 – SD and LE-SHP.

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SAP Note 572086 – Requested delivery date in the document header

A requested delivery date is required in the document header for an easier data entry.

In CRM 4.0, a requested delivery date will be available in the document header.With this note, you can implement the function in advance in CRM 3.0.

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SAP Note 129066 – Invoice for planned and unplanned delivery costs

MR1M/MIRO: If you try to enter planned and unplanned delivery costs into a separate invoice using logistics invoice verification, the system issues error message M8 186: “Balance is not equal to zero: & &” or F5 702: “Balance in transaction currency”. The amount of the balance corresponds to the value of the unplanned delivery costs.

Additional symptom: The system may issue error message FF 747:

“The tax amount must not be greater than the tax base”.

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SAP Note 436660 – SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC during delivery creation w/ VL10

    • You use Transaction VL10 to create outbound deliveries and then runtime error SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC occurs as you insert entries in table VBPA.The termination occurs in program SAPLV05I in function module SD_PARTNER_UPDATE.If the processing is executed in the background, the job log contains error message VL200 “The batch does not exist in plant &”, which is odd.
      During the delivery creation with Transaction VL04, the runtime error cannot occur, however, the processing of the entire delivery list can be terminated with error message VL200.
    • In the log of the collective processing, the system displays error message VR544 “Delivery cannot be executed in the background (see long text)”. Unaccounted inconsistencies occur in connection with the appearance of this error message, for instance in the requirements update. What is also striking here is that error messages are displayed in the job log that should not occur for the delivery in the background

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SAP Note 157602 – ME22: Delete item, open delivery costs

If the goods receipt and the invoice receipt have already been carried out for a purchase order item (conditions with delivery costs), however the delivery costs are still outstanding, it is possible to delete the purchase order item in Transaction ME22.The afterwards incoming invoice of the delivery costs can no longer be posted to this purchase order item.

The error is corrected in Release 4.6B;

An advance correction is available.

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SAP Note 192423 – Delivery Processing Performance: Consulting

The process of creating and processing deliveries is too slow.A more precise description of the symptom can be found in Note 154091.

The solution is a collection of tips and tricks gained from experience for speeding up the process of processing deliveries.However, it does not claim to be definitive.Often tips are given for a specific approach without going into details. Then an attempt is made to indicate how to go about getting further information.

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SAP Note 199360 – Creation of a SD delivery from TA ME2O

SD delivery of the subcontracting monitoring list cannot be created

This note is intended as a check list. Check whether the following defaults exist in your system.

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SAP Note 302484 – SD:VL01/02 Delivery quty is greater than target quty

CAUTION: This note is only relevant for customers who use the Cable Solution.

Due to tolerances, the quantity to be delivered can be higher than the target quantity in the sales order. The tolerance limit for overdeliveries can thus be exceeded in the delivery note. If the setting for the check for overdelivery is ‘B’ for the corresponding delivery item category in Customizing (‘B’ = reject in case of error message) the following error occurs during the processing of the delivery note:

‘Delivery quantity is greater than target quantity & &’ (VL363).

Implement the attached program correction.

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SAP Note 318162 – Credit status not current when creating a delivery

The system response concerning the credit block differs depending on whether you create or change the delivery. If you create the delivery, subsequent functions like picking are permitted whereas this leads to an error message if you change the delivery (V1849 “Subsequent function ‘&’ not possible due to a credit block”).

Use the ABAP Editor (Transaction SE38) to implement the source code corrections specified in the attached correction instructions in your system.

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SAP Note 338922 – Analysis note for cross-company transactions (delivery)

This note describes problems related to specific topics, suggests program corrections, and provides information with regard to errors.

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SAP Note 377871 – Termination BCD_BADDATA for delivery processing

For delivery processing, in particular when you delete delivery items or the entire delivery or when you change the quantity to be delivered of an order-related delivery item, program termination BCD_BADDATA occurs. The termination occurs in program SAPLV45P in Form routine VBUP-DCSTA_ERMITTELN.

Implement the advance correction from the correction instruction in your system with the help of the ABAP editor (Transaction SE38).

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SAP Note 421873 – Delivery weight & volume not updated properly in delivery

This is an IS-OIL / IS-MINE-specific note.

In a sales order delivery the net weight, gross weight and volume are not updated properly in the following cases

    • if the delivery quantity is updated as zero from TD
    • If the material is subject to batch determination with automatic batch determination configured and the batch is redetermined in the delivery.

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SAP Note 530632 – Goods receipt before putaway via inbound delivery monitor

You want to select inbound deliveries for the goods receipt, before these are put away, via the inbound delivery monitor (this function is only possible if handling unit management is activated). However, the suitable inbound deliveries are not selected.

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SAP Note 552713 – Recalculation of delivery date during goods issue

The delivery date of an outbound delivery corresponds to the planned goods receipt date of the goods at the customer. If deviations occur during the goods issue, that is the goods are delivered earlier or later than planned, the planned delivery date is not adjusted. It is even possible that the actual goods issue date is later than the delivery date.

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SAP Note 673939 – Scenario A: Delivery blocks

In case of activated scenario A also delivery blocks are exchanged between the CRM server and the R/3 system. Due to different data models, the system response seems unusual. This note describes the problems that in particular occur during the data exchange of delivery blocks.

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SAP Note 111515 – TD User-exit OIGS0001 in loading and delivery conf.

This is an IS-OIL / IS-MINE-specific note.

User-exit (customer-exit) OIGS0001 was just called when you save or confirm a TD shipment at scheduling. Now it is also called when you save or confirm TD loading confirmation. This means if you want to use this user-exit the same way you did before, you must CHANGE YOUR CODING (*).

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