How to edit records directly in SAP tables

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To edit records directly in SAP tables you can use different ways. Remember, that you have to do it really carefully in case of consistency.


Simple, but already closed by SAP:

You can use shortcode “&sap_edit” in SE16N if Sap NOTE 1420281 not implemented in your installation


More complicated way:

Go to SE11 and choose a table which you want to change. For example AUSP


Push “Glass-button” and you will see details of record you choose.


Then use shortcode “/h” activate Debug-mode for this ABAP program, choose variable CODE  and change value from “SHOW” to EDIT.

Press F8.


And wuala, you can edit record which you choose.



And another way to edit table in SAP:

Open program LSE16NF10 in SE38.

Find line(627) CALL FUNCTION ‘SE16N_INTERFACE’ and add a breakpoint there.

Open SE16N, after you press F8 you go to Debugger in this FM. There you got two parameters:  gd-edit gd-sapedit. Change them into X and press F8.