How to create a new plant in SAP

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To create new plant in SAP, you need to execute list of simlpe steps.

First of all you need to Define Valuation area:
1. OX14 – Define Valuation Area

2. OX10 – Create / Change / View Plants

3. OVXB – Create / Change / View Division

4. OX18 – Assign Plant to company code

5. OX19 – Assignment of company code to the Controlling Area

6. OB38 – Assign company code to Credit Control Area

7. OMJ7 – Assign business area to Plant/Valuation area and division

8. OMS0 – Assign Factory Calendar to the Plant and Business Area
If there are any questions on how to create plant in SAP or not clearly what fields and how to fill, always it is possible to look an example from SAP IDES or ask in comments