Brief history of SAP and its products

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  • SAP has been established on 5 IBM employees in 1972, the company began to develop business applications with a focus on the process approach. Company SAP GmbH was founded in Mannheim in Germany.
  • In 1973 the company released the first program designed for accounting finance companies. Applications received the name “R1”, where R – means real-time processing
  • At the end of the 70th company released the product “SAP R / 2, which worked on the database from IBM.
  • R / 2 was developed in the early 80’s and later the company released a version with support for multiple languages and currencies, a reference were the needs of clients from different countries
  • SAP GmbH became SAP AG in 1988. Later, the company recorded a few “subsidiaries in the U.S., Sweden, Denmark and Italy.
  • In the early 90th SAP introduced the product R / 3 client-server architecture, application and full GUI. The product can be installed with virtually any database, on many different operating systems. Exit SAP R / 3 era marked the transition of corporate programs at the three-tier architecture (database -> Application Server -> User Interface), which has become the new industry standard
  • In 1996, the company had already more than 9000 successful implementations. At the end of the 90th, SAP introduced a group of products mySAP, which included the same supporting web technologies
  • SAP early 21 century with the release of Enterprise Portal and complete orientation on the role of users in distinguishing the level of access to information
  • SAP NetWeaver, the basis of which the architecture of Enterprise Services Architecture (ESS), with the possibility of integration between different platforms, to support business processes.